Are You Thinking About Graduate School?

For a lot of college students, the natural step after graduation is going out into the world and experiencing the job force.  Some graduates aren’t aware that there is a different path they can take: Graduate school.

 What is graduate school? It’s a way of furthering your education so you can become more qualified for a job in your field of study. Getting a graduate degree is useful for many reasons; career advancement and better salary are just two of the main benefits.

 Graduate school isn’t for the faint of heart, depending what degree you are looking for, Masters or Doctorate, you’ll probably be in school for at least three more years. It’s quite the undertaking, and you have to be prepared to study, study, study. It requires an intense commitment of time and money, and generally, a 3.0 grade point average is expected.

 Attending graduate school right after college makes the most sense for some people. These people must be passionate about their subject and ready to enrich themselves in it. Attending grad school immediately can also be good because students are already used to being students, their study skills are sharp and they have momentum.

 On the other hand, some people considering grad school go out into the work force for a year or two, which is also a viable option. Continuing school is a big decision, and taking some time to think about it can save you money. Also, if you gain some work experience, you will have a more mature and broad outlook on school and work. By waiting a few years, you will have more time to grow as a person and figure out what you really want.

 All things considered, attending graduate school can be one of the most enriching experiences of your life, if you are ready to take it on. In today’s modern world that is so focused on competition, especially in the work place, it might not hurt to have the extra education and experience to gain a slight upper hand.


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