Mission Statement
Career Services at UW-Green Bay is dedicated to the individual development of students and to meeting the recruitment needs of employers.

Action Statement for Students
Students are our focus in Career Services and we are here to assist students with the challenges their future holds. Students will be faced with many career choices and they need to determine the best choice. Students will need skills in order to be competitive for employment and students will need to present these skills to an employer. Students will need to make connections with organizations that are hiring and to network to improve their employability. Career Services can assist students with these challenges.

Action Statement for Employers
Employers need to connect with UW-Green Bay students and alumni to identify qualified employees. Career Services provides opportunities for this to occur. We realize that each organization is unique. Staffing and financial resources may limit the extent of an organization’s recruitment outreach to college graduates. We are dedicated to meeting an organization’s individual recruitment needs.

Action Statement for Alumni
Alumni often face challenging career questions months or even years following graduation from UW-Green Bay. Your career choices as a college graduate may seem limiting or endless depending upon your perspective. Skills that were developed during your college and professional years still need to be presented effectively to an employer. And finding ways to make connections with employers and organizations can seem more challenging the longer you are established in a career. We can help alumni decide where to begin.

Action Statement for Faculty and Staff

Faculty & Staff are often questioned by students about choices of major and/or career, skills needed by employers and how to make connections with organizations to gain experience and to obtain future employment. Career Services works closely with each student individually to help her/him understand these issues and make the best decisions.