Kent Hutchison (Part 1): Can Art Change a Community?

In this episode, Kelli interviews local artist Kent Hutchison. The two go all the way back to Kent’s origins as an artist and discuss the relationship between art and community. How does education help shape this kind of work, and how can we do better? This is part one, so stay tuned for part two in April!

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About Our Guest: Kent Hutchison

ImageFormally educated in biology and visual arts, Kent’s work is a critical study of the merger of these two disciplines. Kent’s subjects range from animals and humans to abstract representations of emotion and energy. Kent derives a lot of the inspiration for his work through observing nature. “The closer we look into nature the more that is revealed to us about human truths. In a world often plagued by miscommunication and confusion it is important for us to look to nature for guidance, inspiration, and peace.” Kent lives in WI with his family.

Kent is fascinated in understanding the dynamic relationship the Arts play in affecting large scale systems such as community, society, and economy. This has led to a path of public art advocacy that has strongly shaped the course of his career.