Andrew Linskens & Cujo: Art-Hop Collective

Season 2 continues with Bird in the Wings’ first delve into the world of hip-hop! Yas! In this episode, Kelli chats with visual artist, Andrew Linskens, and hip-hop musician, Cujo. They discuss their respective lives as working artists and creatives, as well as their collaborations in the Art-Hop Collective. Demonstrating the power of the meeting of music and art, up-close and personal, from beginning to end.

Andrew Linskens

About Our Guests:

Andrew Linskens is a local visual artist working in a variety of 2-D and 3-D mediums including painting, drawing, animation and sculpture. Visit and follow on Instagram to learn more and to view his work!




About Our Guests:

Cujo is a hip-hop musician and performer who has released two full length albums, Power of the Paragraph, and Rise, both available to stream and purchase HERE.





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