What did you learn new about Excel in the Statistics class – Fall 2013

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  1. Excel is a beautiful tool that will be used throughout our lives. I had a slight background in Excel prior to my statistics class, but this class enhanced my skill greatly. During the course of this class I obtained an internship and I now use Excel everyday at work. The knowledge gained in this class has helped me succeed. I loved being shown basic concepts while still having to go out on my own and teach myself how to compute specific formulas and create specific graphs. Learning Excel should be priority for everyone in today’s workforce. Not only will it help you get ahead of the curve but show your worth to your employer

  2. I learned a lot about excel! I honestly had no idea it could do all of those things. I used excel once or twice before, but only to list data. It’s really cool that it has code and equations you can enter in that the excel will perform. I wish I could remember all of the different functions on excel. In fact, that is often the problem I face when doing the excel assignments. They often aren’t difficult assignments, it just takes time to figure out each different equation. However, having the knowledge of all the possibilities that excel gives you is a great resource to have in the future. With any business or job in my future or other math class, it will be nice to know that excel can do these functions. If only I knew of all of them! However, I can continue to further my knowledge of excel so that I can use on for different occasions where data is needed. Whenever I did face problems in the excel assignments and couldn’t figure out the equation by looking on the power point assignments and on the internet, I would ask a fellow student. They are often very reliable and helpful, thank goodness. Excel is an excellent resource to have in the future and I am glad that this class provided me with the opportunity to learn more about it.

  3. I found this part of the course to be one of the more challenging factors of it. SPSS is a very hard software to learn about. The professor though gives you some great power points which really come in handy. So to anyone who takes this class in the future make sure you use them. Also there is Excel documents that need to be completed which are also a challenge sometimes, as the formulas you use I have not seen many of them before. Through using SPSS I learnt how to analyse data and read of the tables that are given, in order to complete the work that is set.

    1. I also have just realised I have written about SPSS and Excel in the same post. I would like to say though that Excel also is a great software to be in touch with. As many employers and businesses use this software for their companies. So I would pay close attention to how you do these problems that are set.

  4. Although I already had a strong background in Excel before starting this class, I really did appreciate the chance to keep up with my skills. Excel is an essential tool in the business world today, and having a strong working knowledge of the program is invaluable. That is now to say, however, that I did not learn anything new over the couse of the semester. I now have an even better understanding of the forumlas, and I now know how to use and interpret the statistical formulas that Excel has to offer.

  5. I thought that the excel assignments helped me to increase my knowledge of excel. The assignments that professor assigned us allowed me to use what I have learned and also learn more. This class has increased my knowledge on all the functions that we have learned. A majority of the functions that we have used, I never heard of before. It is nice being able find p-values and critical values on excel when given numbers that are not on the tables. I did not face any big problems with these assignments. .

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