Learn About the Meaning of the Pow Wow

Mr. Richie Pless, Menominee & Stockbridge tribe, will be on campus Thursday, April 10 to explain the Traditions of the Pow Wow. He will be at the American Intercultural Center(CL 207) at noon. He will be inĀ the Christie TheatreĀ from 1:00-3:00 pm as well so you have two opportunities to find out what the Pow Wow is all about!! This is the time to ask questions and really understand the how and why of a Pow Wow.

UW-Green Bay Pow Wow is Saturday, April 12, starting at noon in the old gym in the Kress Events Center. The first Grand Entry is at 1:00 pm and there is a second one at 7:00 pm but you can come at any point between noon and 10 PM. Everyone is welcome, free admission, craft venders and food vendors. Don’t miss this great event!!

2 thoughts on “Learn About the Meaning of the Pow Wow

  1. It would be great if more could be done by UWGB to encourage the sponsoring and/or promotion of the campus pow-wow. I realize that the Itertribal Student Council determines if the pow-wow can be organized. But I’m not sure if that decision is due to a lack of funds, a lack of participation, or simply a lack of interest shown by the surrounding community. I doubt the latter is the case since there is great enthusiasm out there for the UWGB pow-wow. PLEASE: “Let’s Not Forget The Pow-Wow” We should all be sad to see it canceled.

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