Alumni Spotlight – Dr. Lisa Shefchik

Hello UW-Green Bay Alumni!  This week we are featuring a young doctor who received her undergrad from UWGB.  Is there any career we alumni don’t work in…we think not. 

Name and Grad Year: Lisa R. Shefchik ’02
Major: Human Biology with Health Emphasis
Favorite Professor(s): Angela Bauer, Brian Merkel, Debra Pearson and others.  Lisa really liked the faculty at UWGB!
Employment: Chiropractor at Shefchik Chiropractic
Family: Married to Jeff Shefchik.  Two girls Payton(5) and Miah (4) with baby #3 due any day.
Hobbies: Softball, wakeboarding, gardening, and spending time with family.
Volunteer Interests: Anything with kids.
Something you don’t know about Lisa: She has a new found love for landscaping!  She LOVES looking at all the plants and shrubs!
Ways to connect with Lisa: Like her business page on facebook, Shefchik Chiropractic!  or send an e-mail at DrLisa@shefchikchiropractic.