UW-Green Bay alumnus Sam Klietz is chief client and sales officer at Juvare






Long before he was the chief client and sales officer at Juvare, Sam Klietz was marching the halls of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay as an open-minded scholar. Klietz credits the university for instilling a love of learning along with his commitment to camaraderie, the values that have driven Klietz’s success at Juvare and beyond.

Klietz, working alongside his colleagues at Juvare, has helped communities and organizations across the country use state-of-the-art technology to empower emergency preparedness and response to protect people, property, and brands. This was very much reflected when Juvare was implemented in hospitals across the country to help control COVID-19. Using Juvare tech to regulate vaccine administration as well as contact tracing and case management, health care providers were able to promptly manage vaccinations and quarantines.

Sam is a great representation of the prestige that surrounds the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Throughout his career, he has shown what it means to fully embrace Green Bay’s values. Sam graduated from UW-Green Bay in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology.

BY  · SEPTEMBER 7, 2022

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