July 2023 Class Notes


Paul Northway ’90 Double majored in Business Administration and Political Science. Recently appointed vice chair of to the Wisconsin Bankers Association board.

Kelly Bock ’95 Majored in Business Administration and minored in Economics. New job with First Carolina Bank as the manager of FinTech Operations, started in June.


Justin Grones ’14 Majored in Communications. New job as a Retail Relationship Banker with BMO.

Cordero Barkley ’09 ’16 Bachelor’s in Business Administration and minored in Psychology. M.S. in Management. Was recently appointed to the board of directors for the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center.

Txhees Xiong ’17 Majored in Human Development and double-minored in Psychology and Women & Gender Studies. New job with University of Minnesota as Assistant Manager of Pathways Programs.

Nichole Frisch ’19 Majored in Nursing. Recipient of the Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) 2022 Nurse of the Year Award.


Nicholas Paustian ’22 Majored in Accounting and minored in Business Administration. New job managing general accounting at McClone Insurance.

Fanni Xie ’22 Master’s in Social Work. Recently named one of Wisconsin’s 40 Most Influential Asian American Leaders.

Jared Ramirez ’23 Double majored in Humanities and Marketing and minored in Spanish & Latin American Studies. Recently promoted to copywriter/editor with Prophit Co.

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