Open Access Campus and GPS

Individuals speaking to studentsWhen students apply to UW-Green Bay, many factors are taken into consideration. Test scores and transcripts are important, but they do not tell a student’s whole story. Personal statements provide admissions with a better understanding of an applicant’s experience as many write about their challenges and struggles with adversity.

As the Phoenix family grows larger with the expansion to Manitowoc, Marinette, and Sheboygan campuses and general enrollment increases, UW-Green Bay reevaluated the correlation between admission policies and student success. This inspired UW-Green Bay to become an open-access institution, allowing every applicant to find their path to success.

To provide these new students with essential, additional support, UW-Green Bay developed Gateways to Phoenix Success (GPS). This program is conducted through a first year seminar that provides students with learning opportunities to develop and sharpen the skills needed to be successful in college. Students are also introduced to a real-world issue they and their classmates wrestle with throughout the year. A peer mentor is there to help students get connected on campus, making sure everyone feels at home, and an alumni mentor helps students stay on course and headed toward their educational goals.

GPS is made possible through the support of dedicated faculty who teach the first year seminars and peer and alumni mentors. Students in the program have the opportunity to learn from graduates with strong professional experience, ask questions pertaining to their success, and foster a connection. If interested in being a GPS alumni mentor, please email

As the UW-Green Bay community continues to rise as one, GPS ensures that no one is left behind.

Learn more about the GPS program here.

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