Anger Management Tip: Use Humor

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An old joke begins with a police officer being called to a home by neighbors concerned over a shouting match in the home next door. As she approaches the front door she hears shouting from the home and a television is thrown out of the second story window crashing at her feet. Instead of becoming angry and increasing the tension of the situation she knocks on the front door and an angry male voice responds, “Who is it?!”. She yells back, “T.V. repair!” making the man laugh and diffusing the tension a little, allowing her to enter the home more safely.

In a tense situation, a joke could lighten the mood and put your feelings back into perspective. If you find yourself angry and not sure why, it may be a good idea to try to find the humor in the situation. Avoid sarcasm though, as this is not typically a constructive use of humor and may further hurt feelings.

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