UWGB Subunit Membership

Why join the UWGB AFS Student Subunit?

Obtaining the job you want requires populating your resume with notable experiences outside of the classroom and meeting professionals working for local, state and federal organizations. Benefits of subunit membership include access to one of the largest networking opportunities in the aquatics and fisheries fields today, the American Fisheries Society. The UWGB AFS subunit is also built around community service, professional development, and continuing education for the students of UWGB. Members will receive exposure to educational activities such as workshops (aging fish for example), scientific meetings, and volunteer opportunities within the Fish and Wildlife Service and Wisconsin DNR, as well as work experience learning how to use gear commonly used by professionals. There will also be opportunities to teach kids and adults about fishing and general fish ecology. Membership includes updates and invites to all AFS events. UWGB AFS is also about developing future leaders. Active members have all voting rights and you can contribute to your own professional development by helping to design and implement UWGB AFS functions in the future. Of course, you will also receive great discounted rates on UWGB AFS apparel!  Finally, membership in the UWGB AFS student subunit will give you the opportunity to participate in high level research experiences co-occurring with faculty, staff, and Environmental Policy and Planning Graduate Students working in the UWGB Aquatic Ecology and Fisheries Laboratory.

Want to become a member?

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP is only open to individuals who are currently full time students enrolled at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. Members pay dues annually and their membership extends through the academic year for which dues are paid. AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP is for non-enrolled individuals who wish to support the subunit and its objectives (e.g., recently graduated students for example). Affiliate members will receive notification of ongoing activities and will receive subunit member prices on apparel. Individuals seeking to become either an active or affiliate member of the UWGB AFS should contact the Subunit President. Dues are only $10/year! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

For an additional $10/year, you can join the Wisconsin Chapter of AFS. Active membership in the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Fisheries Society will provide many opportunities to advance your growth as a fisheries professional and allow you a greater voice in shaping the future of Wisconsin fisheries. There were over 375 members of the Wisconsin Chapter as of November 2010! While you do not have to join the parent society to be a Wisconsin Chapter member, for only $20/year, students can also join the AFS parent society as a Student Member. You will automatically become part of the North Central Division, receive free or discounted rates for Section memberships, and obtain full access to AFS journals and publications.