You Pick!

Picking the right school is difficult and different for everyone.  Several factors go into finding the right school, and when it comes down to it, it’s all about personal preference.  But to help you evaluate your values and preferences, I thought I’d share my UWGB story with you all.

When initially looking at schools, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay wasn’t even on my radar.  My plan was to stay close to home and apply to all Universities within an hour’s distance from my hometown.  It wasn’t until I was assigned a project in one of my communications classes that required us to research UW-Schools that I learned that Green Bay wasn’t just the home of the Packers!  The more I researched the school, the more it piqued my interests, and I finally convinced my parents to take the 3 hour trip with me to tour the campus.

After the tour my mindset had totally changed.  I was in love with this campus, and everything about it seemed to fit with my personality.  UWGB was smaller than a lot of the other schools I was looking at during that time, which I liked.  I’m from a small town, and only went to high school with 200 other kids, so being thrown into a massive pool of thousands of students was a little overwhelming for me.  The location really appealed to me as well.  Despite the fact that campus was three hours away from home, the fact that UWGB is separated from the city with acres of beautiful country land was more than a perk in my book!

It was hard to find something that I didn’t really like about UWGB, making my decision all the more fun!  In the end I knew that this was the right school for me, and I haven’t once regretted my decision to attend the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay!

But don’t just take one person’s opinion.  Find out why other students chose UWGB!

Also, there’s one more Campus Preview Day coming up on Friday, April 23rd.  This is our last campus preview day of the year, so sign up fast!

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