What is YOUR favorite spot on campus?

What makes a place memorable? The location? Function? Ambiance? A potential student considers all of these when choosing a school, and UWGB has plenty of places to offer for consideration. I asked several UWGB students about their favorite place on campus and I got a wide variety of answers, all of which helped display the many assorted appeals of our campus.

The favorite places of students vary widely from the academic, to the social, and everything in between. One Sophomore called MAC Hall’s Winter Garden her favorite spot, particularly when the fountain is on in the warmer months calling it “relaxing” and “a great spot to study of kill time in between classes”. Another academic location, the Cofrin Library, is an often claimed favorite spot, but not for its obvious academic purposes. Many students enjoy the view from the top floor, where you can see most of Green Bay as well as the entire campus.

While athletics may not be the main focus of the GB campus, they are a big part of many students’ lives, including, but not limited to Division 1 student athletes. The Kress Events Center was another very common answer to the choice location question. One self-proclaimed non-athlete mentioned the free fitness classes particularly, saying that they “actually make me feel coordinated.” But on campus athletics are certainly not limited the Kress, as many students go running on the arboretum trails that surround the campus.

As to be expected, some of the most possible answers to my question were social sites. The most common answer was, not surprisingly, the Common Grounds Coffee House. Cited reasons included the relaxing atmosphere, the fireplace, the coffee itself, and the concert series. Other social spots favorited by GB students are the Phoenix Club and the Quad outside between MAC Hall, the University Union, and the Cofrin Library.

UWGB offers many different visitation options for prospective students, so come visit us here in GB and find your favorite spot.

For visitation information go to www.uwgb.edu/admissions/visit.

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