Alumni Q&A: Vicki Ritchie

The oldest of three and a first-generation college student, Vicki (Glaser) Ritchie knew that she would have to work hard to pay for college on her own – but she also knew it was worth it. When she left Howards Grove High School and stepped onto UW-Green Bay’s Sheboygan Campus for her first year she didn’t realize the doors that she had just opened for herself.

Question: What’s your favorite part about the Sheboygan campus?

Answer: UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus helped me learn what it meant to be involved in the college experience. I didn’t come from a family that had ever participated in higher education, so at Sheboygan, I was able to make connections that would fuel the rest of my career.

Q: What was your favorite memory of campus?

A: There were so many! I really got to know a lot of my professors. They’re involved outside of the classroom too, and make students feel connected. I even played basketball and volleyball after classes with some of them. I also played volleyball for the Wombats during my two years there. We were in the gym playing as much as we possibly could. It was nice to continue a sport that I love for a little while longer.

Q: What was your favorite class?

A: In regards to my major, I loved getting teaching field experience. I was able to get into a classroom early in my college career, allowing me to learn about what teaching entailed and solidify my major and career choice. I also really enjoyed my canoeing class, it was fun to be outside while learning and exploring.

Q: What would you tell other students who are thinking about studying at the Sheboygan campus?

A: I think that UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus is a great value, especially if you feel unsure about what you want to study like I did. It gives you the freedom to explore without a great financial burden. The connections that I made at Sheboygan propelled me to my future. Working with the athletic director at the time, Jack Snyder, gave me the opportunity to come back and coach the volleyball program. I was able to land a job in the Sheboygan Area School District and had the opportunity to continue as a part of that community for over thirty years. I was able to have an impact and continue to watch the area grow in a positive way.

After those thirty-some-odd years as a teacher and administrator, Vicki retired and is living lakeside with her husband, dog, and cat, just five minutes from her childhood home. She continues to give back to the Sheboygan area by teaching coaching courses to other educators and occasionally substitute teaching. So, what doors will the Sheboygan campus open for you?