The Christie Theatre

What if I told you that UWGB has its very own movie theatre located in the University Union? Would you believe me? Well the truth is YES, there is a movie theatre called The Christie Theatre right here on campus!

My guess is that most of you aren’t aware of this unless you have visited or toured the campus before. And even then, you still might not be clear about what the Theatre is used for.

The Christie Theatre is used for many different events and presentations. To give you a visual picture, the Christie is basically like a smaller version of a Marcus theatre you would go to for a Friday night flick. There’s a projector, movie seats, a large screen, and a stage for other types of performances. And the cool part is it’s all here on campus! It saves you the drive and the money.

So you might ask…does this theatre show movies and when can you watch them? Both good questions! The Christie Theatre holds a series called Cheapseats that offers UWGB students a chance to view new movies at an affordable price. Only $2 a ticket and there are concessions just like a real movie theatre.

They usually play a few movies a month at various times during the evening and nights Thursday thru Sunday. The times for the movies and movie line-up for this semester are not set in stone yet, but here are the potential movies:

High School Musical 3
Zach and Miri make a porno
Quantum of Solace
Yes Man
Bed Time Stories

You will see these movies shortly after they exit regular theatres and before they hit stores for DVD sales. You’ll get the cheap price of only 2 bucks and you can even pay with pass points. How easy is that! It’s cheap and convenient, so check out Cheapseats in the Christie Theatre once you become a student here at UWGB. The theatre has many others uses, like I said before, so let me know if you have any questions about the other uses of the theatre or about Cheapseats. Thanks!

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  1. How cool. I did not know this. Will have to check it out as funds are short and entertainment necessary! Thanks.

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