Spring Break 09

Spring Break came earlier than usual for UWGB students, the second week of March to be exact and I couldn’t have been happier. I myself took full advantage of the week off by taking a road trip to a warmer frontier. I left Wisconsin and my cares behind and took off in a minivan filled with my two roommates Aaron and Dan, alongside a bunch of snacks for an epic trip. Our destination…Florida USA. To be more specific, my friend Aaron’s Aunt and Uncle’s home in Windermere Florida. This wasn’t our first road trip down to the Orlando area, but rather our second trip in a row…a kind of tradition that never fails to entertain and excite. These are our stories! Doon Doon J

Day 1 (Sunday)

Arrival date. After an 11-hour drive from Nashville we arrived at our destination at 5 PM with the sun shinning and temperature a nice 80 degrees. We loaded all of our baggage from our car to the house, exchanged hellos with Aaron’s relatives, and got ready to leave right away to see an Orlando Magic basketball game at Amway Arena. This was my first time to see a professional basketball game, so I was really excited for the game. We arrived at the arena just in time for valet parking and then we took our seats for what was a very exciting match-up. The Magic took on the Utah Jazz that Sunday night and eventually beat them with the help of Dwight Howard. We left the arena pretty late at night and drove it back to our “home” where I played some cribbage with Aaron’s uncle Ross and then called it a night. I won of course!

Day 2 (Monday)

Today was beach day. We put suntan lotion on and left early for Daytona Beach Florida. It was about an hour drive from Orlando and we arrived at the beach sometime just before 11 in the morning. We parked the car (not on the beach) and walked the beach up and down a few times. It’s a huge beach and I think we walked a few miles when it was all said and down. At least the sights and sounds made the walk worth our while. It was the perfect temperature out and the sand was warm on the feet. We ended up eating a very late lunch at 3 PM because we couldn’t find a restaurant to save ourselves, but we did eventually found a nice burger and seafood hut right on the ocean. We sat outside and had to fight away squirrels that would steal French fries off your plate if you weren’t paying attention. Afterwards we checked out a sweet lighthouse across the street and returned to the beach to enjoy the sunset and some ice cream.

Day 3 (Tuesday)

Golf day number 1! My roommates and myself are all big golf fans, both playing it and watching it on television. I am actually watching golf while I am writing this blog right now. We got up early again and drove down the road, only a few miles away from where we stayed, to play 18 holes of golf. The weather was again perfect and we had ourselves a beautiful day of golf. As some of you may not no how long it takes to play 18 holes, we finished our play in just over 4 hours and that was with golf carts. It is along day of fun, but when the round is over it is sure nice to get something to eat and relax for a bit. And that is just what we did; we went back to our home for the week and kicked back for an hour. In the afternoon, we got a chance to go down to the lake and ride sea-doos for a few hours, which was freaking awesome. It was my first time on one of those and it was great cruising around an empty lake at 60 mph!

Day 4 (Wednesday)

A day at Disney World. Wednesday was my favorite day of my spring break and it was the day that we went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We left extra early that morning and arrived with the huge crowd (Disney World is always so busy) at around 9 AM. This was my first time at this park, so I was amazed at how authentic the park looked. There were animals, trees, and plant life everywhere just like you were walking through a jungle. Our first ride was called Dinosaur, which was a tipsy turvy ride through a time when dinosaurs ruled the planet. We also stood in line for over an hour to ride the safari, but it was well worth the wait. It was over a 5-minute ride and we got to see animals such as giraffes, rhinos, and lions. Afterwards we stood in line again for over an hour, but this time it was to ride the brand new rollercoaster, Expedition Everest. The roller coaster was amazing, there was even a time when it went backwards threw the mountain. On our way out we stopped at the Rainforest Café to eat dinner. The restaurant was just as authentic as the park itself, fully decked out with animals and the whole jungle atmosphere. The food was great and it was a great way to cap off another great day in Florida.

We were there one more day on Thursday and we pretty much did exactly what we did on Tuesday. We golfed again in the morning, this time at a different course, and then we relaxed and went sea-dooing in the afternoon. We then spent our last night in Florida making homemade delicious pizzas and playing poker. It was a very relaxing and fun night before we had to get up super early at 6 AM in the next morning for our departure. The trip home is never as much fun as the trip down, but we ended up watching the movie Knowing in theatres in Indiana on our stop on Friday night. All and all it was a fantastic trip and I wouldn’t trade anything or do anything different. I suggest to anyone to go on a big road trip when you have the opportunity to do so, and spring break is a great chance for that. You will meet new people and experience things that you never thought you would before. Let me know if you have any questions about my trip or about UWGB. I will be doing my next blog about things going on around UWGB so watch out for that,…Thanks!

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  1. Just reading about your trip warmed me up. My buddy called today from West Palm Beach about to start 18 holes. He asked if I needed any help shoveling the snow in New Jersey.

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