Sophomore Slump

We all hear about it, but I didn’t experience it until this semester, and boy did it hit me like a ton of bricks!  Sophomore slump is in full force for me and I know it can be extremely difficult to overcome if you don’t have the proper tools to avoid it.  It’s all the same, whether it be my sophomore slump or your high school ‘senioritis’ (which can also be a nasty bug to catch!),  all the motivation to do well in school is totally lost.  Students say they often feel depressed or confused, with no motivation or desire to go to class or do homework.  Sound familiar?  If so, you’ve caught the bug!   Here are some homemade remedies just for you…

Be Active!

Research areas of interest to you, including your majors, minors, and even extracurricular. Find something you’ll love, and go with it!

Set Goals!

Set goals for yourself either during your sophomore year of college, or for your high school graduation.  Make sure your goals are attainable, and are specific to your own needs.

Stay Healthy!

It’s something simple that can make a lot of difference.  By eating healthy and staying active, you’ll feel more energized and motivated to do other things (Like homework, perhaps?)

Ask Questions!

Talking to academic advising, professors, or your high school guidance counselor is always a great way to clear the air and have your questions answered.  Don’t be shy; no question is a stupid question!

Don’t Go Overboard!

Science majors are especially susceptible to this.  Manage your schedule and make sure that it’s balanced between classes you will enjoy, and classes that are required for your major.  If you overload yourself with hard classes, you are more likely to become disconnected and eventually even depressed.

I hope these tips will cure your slumps and help you stay motivated throughout the year.  If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask.

Feel Better Soon!


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  1. Great Blog Jenna! Another tip I’ve learned about goals is to make them concrete. For example, a goal of “I am going to do better on my next exam” is a bit lofty and there is no way to measure if you complete that goal. Turning that goal into “I am going to get ten more points on this exam than I did on my last one” makes the goal a lot easier to measure! Awesome tips!

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