Registration: A True Story

Yesterday, I registered for my fall 2010 classes. This is a particularly stressful time for any student you ask, so I’ve decided to keep a journal of my activities so you get a true sense of what registration day is really like.

April 19th, 2010:
7:15: Wake up (15 minutes late), and hop into the shower. Get ready for the day.
8:15: Turn on my computer and check SIS (Student Information System) to see if any of my prospective classes had filled.
8:30: Seeing that my classes were still open, I relaxed and watch an episode of the Fresh Prince while enjoying a nice breakfast of peanut butter toast.
9:00: Left for class…after checking on my wish list one more time.
9:30: Chemistry lecture- Used the school’s free wireless internet to check my wish list on my Ipod. I don’t really remember what we learned in class.
10:25: Chemistry is over- Checked SIS once again before my Jazz History lecture.
11:30: Sprint back to my apartment after lecture is over. After checking SIS again and saw that my classes were still open, I took a nap!
12:30: Woke up feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, only to find that my physics lab had been wait listed. I quickly switched to a different section on my wish list. I also found an alternate class to take, just in case!
1:30: After lunch, I checked on my classes one last time before leaving for chemistry lab.
2:15: Chemistry lab starts (2:15-5:05). There’s only one computer to use. I’m worried.
3:00: REGISTRATION is finally here. I abandon the toxic chemicals I had been working with (Not a joke, they were really toxic!) and run to the computer before anyone else can.
3:01: Registered for fall 2010 classes, and can finally relax!
There you have it. I know in text, it may not seem very stressful, but I assure you my heart was beating double time the entire day. Yes, I may have obsessively checked my wish list, and yes, I may have been overreacting…but in the end, it all worked out and I got the classes I needed.
Registration 2010=Success! :)

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  1. Yeah ! good luck, btw – Does the classes get filled up very soon ?

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