Pillow Forts for an Art Assignment

While living in a world of online learning, professors and students alike are having to get creative. Some are taking it in full strides and rising to the challenge, like UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus first-year student Kianna Bulin.

“The process of switching over to online has been both a struggle and achievable with the help of all our professors of course. My art class has been my favorite, especially during this time. It has been doing a wonderful job of providing an outlet for the current issues happening,” Kianna said.

You read that right – art classes online. A subject that typically requires quite a bit of hands-on learning and specialized equipment was suddenly thrust into the virtual realm, but Associate Lecturer Lydia Dildilian is evolving right along with the times.

“My professor is an incredible and extremely supportive art teacher,” Kianna Bulin said, “She has been keeping us up to date and on track with this entire situation. We have been using an alternative way of communicating, called Discord. It allows us to stay connected in so many ways.”

So, what exactly does an online art class look like? Well, this one looks like Fort Building 101!

“The most recent project I’ve completed is called ‘Pillow Forts’. The objective of this assignment was to build a pillow fort with objects that we could find in our homes, modeled after an existing building,” Bulin said, “I chose the Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. by architect Eero Saarinen. I thought this was a very enjoyable assignment to do, especially at home!”


Did Kianna nail it or what?