Hello again everybody,

It’s Mike again and Im here to talk about Orgsmorg!

I am a junior here at UWGB and I have acouple years of Orgsmorg under my belt…so here goes nothing!

So what is Orgsmorg? It’s kind of how it’s sounds…’s a smorgasborg of student organizations. FYI here at UWGB, student organizations are often times refered to as “Orgs”…It sounds cool! Orgsmorg is always held on a Wed. from 11-2 PM and in this case it is this Wed. Sept. 17th.

What do you do at Orgsmorg? Good question! Orgsmorg is held in the Phoenix Rooms (the very large rooms) in the University Union where every student organization on campus can set up a booth about their organization. UWGB students then have a chance from 11-2 PM to browse the large rooms and check out all of the student org booths. Like I said in my pervious blog entry, there are over 50 different student orgs here on campus! And there are tons of variety; there is something for every major or interest here at UWGB.

Why go to Orgsmorg….I’ll tell you why! Orgsmorg is just a great opportunity to meet people, talk to representitives our organizations, and get involved. Especially for first year students…Orgsmorg is the place to get the hook up for fun and exciting things to do outside of the class room. Student orgs also provide opportunities for internships and tons of real life experience. For myself personally, I joined the student org, Phlash TV, when I was a Freshmen and I am still involved today as their current Station Manger. Joining this org was one of the best things to happen to me so far in my college career. It gave me a chance to meet tons of new people, gain so many contacts throughout the University, and get real hands on experience with something that I love to do.

I would strongly consider joining a student org….you will not regret it. And UWGB is def. the place to do it at, here is the big list of orgs one more time for you guys to look at…..

Please feel free to ask me Questions about orgs or anything else here at UWGB….I am happy to help!

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