Options and Opportunities

We care about your success. That’s why UW-Green Bay offers so many paths to the degree and future that you’re dreaming of.

A path to success for many students is a program called Gateways to Phoenix Success (GPS). GPS is a first-year student program that provides academic support through learning communities, mentors, and co-curricular activities. Participation in this program generally leads to higher GPAs, and greater involvement on campus. Based on the review of students’ applications, some students will be offered a seat in GPS upon admission and will be required to participate. Other students can apply to the GPS program. Students will be notified at the time of admission that they are required to participate in GPS. Learn more about the GPS program. 

 For some students, the best start to their degree might be at one of the UW-Green Bay campus locations in Marinette, Manitowoc or Sheboygan. These three smaller campuses offer even more academic support for a strong start to college. Plus, it’s easy to switch from any campus location to the Green Bay campus when you’re ready. 

When we say you have many paths to your goals at UW-Green Bay, you can see why. Your application is the start of a great journey. And we are with you every step of the way.

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