My Last Blog?

The last day of classes is days away and my job for Admissions is coming to a close. This may be my last blog, at least for a while, but I will always answer any questions you have about our wonderful University. I won’t be updating this site during the summer, but anyone can send me a comment, question, or message to my email.

You can email me at

This summer I will be moving back to Appleton where I will be interning at 95.9 KISS FM and working part-time at a grocery store. I would rather be out on the golf course everyday, but I have to make some money for the fall semester. I’m not too much looking forward to the grocery store, but my internship should be a lot of fun and give me a lot of experience for my future.

Besides work, I will still have some fun, go golfing, and see some movies cause after all it is summer vacation. You got to have some fun!

I’m also looking forward to my family vacation in early August. It’s a while out still, but it doesn’t hurt to have something to look forward to while you are checking out groceries. I go up to the Minocqua area in Northern Wisconsin with my whole family and stay in my uncle’s cabin by the lake for a week. We go golfing, water skiing, and all the other camp-like activities you can think of…it’s a blast!

This may be your last summer before you come to UWGB. So in that case, maybe I will see you around campus next semester, but for now, have a great summer break! Remember to have some fun and shoot me an email whenever you want. Thanks for reading my blogs all year long, I had fun!

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