Meet Logan – and his on-campus jobs!

Working on campus at UWGB is an incredible experience. You meet a lot of new people, make new friends, build up some valuable skills, and make a bit of extra money while doing it. When I started college, I hadn’t planned on working in as many different positions as I have, but now I’m glad that I did. Working in a variety of different jobs, with a variety of different people teaches you a lot about your ideal work environment, the kinds of work that you like or don’t like, and the conditions you need to do your best work possible.

There are so many opportunities to work on and around campus. During the fall of 2018, I worked at the Weidner Center as a valet driver, and at the Kress Center as a camera operator. I didn’t even know these jobs existed until I was recommended to them by friends! As a camera operator, I would run the cameras at soccer, volleyball, and basketball games, with a live feed to ESPN+. At this point, I had already decided that I want to pursue videography as a career, so being able to see how a live broadcasts work was very informative. Even though I’m not going to pursue a career in sports media, it was still a great way to learn about new styles and methods of video production and gave me a better idea of what kinds of work I want to do.

Last summer, I worked as the Summer Assignments Coordinator for Residence Life, and the summer before that I was a Business Services Assistant. I currently work as a Student Ambassador at UWGB, and the Social Media Intern for the Office of Residence Life. By far one of my best experiences was working GB Welcome two years in a row as a student ambassador. My job was to welcome the new students to UWGB and make their transition into college as smooth and exciting as possible. I was able to meet a lot of new students, bond with my fellow ambassadors, and build some skills that I know will help me in future jobs.

GB Welcome isn’t the only thing that student ambassadors do – we’re everywhere! We help with a lot of events on campus and are seen as the go-to information sources for incoming students. We give almost all of the daily tours when high school students come to visit, and can answer nearly any question that you have while you’re here. If we can’t answer it, we know who can! It is always fun interacting with incoming or prospective students and seeing how excited they get to be part of UW-Green Bay.

Working on campus is really nice because employers understand that you’re a student first and foremost, and they’re sure to be very accommodating of your schedule. I’ve never had an on-campus employer that wasn’t flexible about working with my classes and extracurricular activities. Everyone here at UW-Green Bay is looking out for your best interests as a student – employers and supervisors included!

Logan O’Leary is a senior majoring in Communication with emphases in mass media and journalism. When he graduates this May, he hopes to open his own video marketing company! Best of luck in all you do, Logan!