Frost Fest!

For me, Friday the 13th was the busiest day of 2009 so far! Last Friday capped off a full weeklong event called Frost Fest at UWGB with a event called UWGB Nites.

The event started on 9 PM and included a magician named Derek Hughes, a game show called Phlash Card, crafts, carnival and video games, a midnight breakfast, an acoustic musician named John Kollmann, and the movie Twillight.

Phlash TV, a student organization that I’m very much involved in, presented the game show, Phlash Card! And part of my duty to make sure the game show went smoothly in every way. Putting all the hard work beside, the night was a blast and we had the whole commons at the edge of their seats. The event started at Midnight, but for me it started at 11 AM.

I got to campus in the morning and didn’t step outside again until 2 in the morning. It was a long day that started in my office editing videos for the event. After editing videos, I started to setup for the show at around 6 PM. Everyone on staff put in a helping hand and we just got everything together in time for a rehearsal. The rehearsal went alright, but we really nailed the real deal at Midnight.

Phlash card is a game show created by the student org, Phlash TV, which combines the game of poker, jeopardy, and the use of physical challenges. The full show was 45 minutes and consisted of 3 physical challenges: ice cream eating contest, scavenger hunt, and a dance off. The two teams that participated in the game show were the student newspaper, The Forth Estate, and the student radio station, WGBX. Each team was great and the crowd really got into it. Many prizes were given away, such as t-shirts, concert tickets, Tundra Lodge Water Park tickets, Gamblers tickets, and much more! After the show and clean up, I didn’t leave the Union until almost 2 AM, but it was totally worth it.

This is just one example of an exciting Friday you would find here on campus. Next month will bring another fun filled UWGB Nites along with new activities. There is always something going on around school, there really is no excuse to say there is no and go home for the weekend. Stuff like UWGB Nites is a great opportunity to meet new people and form friendships while being entertained all night long. Let me know if you have any questions about anything UWGB…Thanks ☺

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