From the Director’s Desk: Winter 2021

Executive Director of Admissions Rachele BakicLast fall, I talked to you about the support services that allow your students to get off on the right foot here at UW-Green Bay. We always want to support our students and give them the best chance to succeed as they embark on their college journeys.

I want to assure you, the early support that our new students receive continues after their first semester. Our mission is to provide access to education for anyone who wants it, and the academic and personal services at UW-Green Bay help us do good by that mission.

Academic Support Systems

UW-Green Bay is continuously evolving our support services to bolster student success. Academically, the University offers tutoring, writing assistance, and academic success coaching through The Learning Center. These services are available on all four of our campuses and are free for students to utilize.

Tutoring continues virtually with our students’ access to Brainfuse – a system that provides on-demand tutoring and study tools. Brainfuse offers assistance in a wide array of subjects, from Business and Math to English and Social Sciences. Students can also schedule regular sessions with a tutor if they prefer.

No matter if a student is undecided or has their entire career trajectory planned, there are two people in their corner to help them navigate their academic planning: a professional advisor and a faculty mentor. Thanks to a new advising model, a student’s professional advisor will typically accompany them for the duration of their college career. These professionals are subject matter experts embedded in the academic colleges who assist students in finding the best path to their goals.

After students declare a major, faculty mentors are added to the team. They dive into the nitty-gritty with students and answer their questions about specific emphasis areas and careers. Having “been there and done that,” faculty mentors serve as excellent guides to specific career outcomes.

As students hone in on their desired career, the Career Services office will be there to assist every step of the way. Career Services offers resume reviews, mock interviews, and even has a ‘career closet’ to provide students without professional attire what they need for an interview. The office also brings potential employers to campus for job and interview fairs.

Mental and Physical Wellness

We understand that it’s increasingly difficult for students to concentrate on their academics when their mental or physical health is suffering, so UW-Green Bay is pleased to offer low- or no-cost health care services to all students. In partnership with Prevea Health, we’re able to offer medical evaluations, physicals, medication management, immunizations, labs, and more. Students also have access to COVID-19 testing and urgent care services at local Prevea clinics.

We also seek to support students’ mental health and wellbeing with counseling services. Whether in a group or individual session, students can receive assistance with anything from academic matters to trauma and crisis management. If students are uncomfortable with the idea of talking to someone, they also have access to SilverCloud, an online, self-guided, and interactive mental health resource. This platform helps users build healthy coping mechanisms to implement into their daily lives.

Social Engagement

Students who are engaged in extracurricular activities on campus are more likely to feel supported and remain enrolled. Students, staff, and faculty at UW-Green Bay all work to continuously create safe havens for students of all interests and demographics.

Each semester, our 130+ clubs host Org Smorg, an organization fair that allows students to explore club options all in one place! Clubs range from athletic teams and interest-based organizations to academic associations and ethnicity-based clubs. If students have an idea for a new club – they’re encouraged to start one with the Office of Student Engagement.

UW-Green Bay also offers various offices and centers that provide support and community for students. All four campuses offer a Pride Center for LGBTQ+ students. The Pride Center serves as a hangout, hosts events, and facilitates Safe Ally training.

The Education Center for First Nations Studies on the Green Bay campus supports our Native American students, but also provides students the opportunity to learn tribal history from local Elders.

The Office of Multi-Ethic Student Affairs (MESA) is hosted in the University Union on the Green Bay campus and is a hangout space for students of color to study, meet with support staff, and attend events. MESA also hosts university-wide events like the annual Kwanza celebration and Black History Month programming. Other events, such as expert panels, are streamed for all campuses and the greater community to engage with.

The newest Student Engagement program is called BIPOC R.I.S.E. Standing for Black, Indigenous and People of Color Reaching Intersectional Strengths through Engagement, this program is an opt-in peer mentorship program that pairs upperclassmen on each campus with incoming students of color to provide another point of support. We know that tough conversations are easier to have when it’s with someone similar to you, so these student mentors serve as a listening ear for any and all issues these new students may be facing and help look for solutions.


I’m proud to say that this is not an exhaustive list of student support options. If you have any questions about the support services available to your students, please do not hesitate to ask! UW-Green Bay is committed to supporting your students from application to graduation and beyond.

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Alexandra Campion answers common college questions for students learning about higher education. She breaks down industry jargon. As a Marketing and Communications Recruitment Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, her goals include eliminating barriers for first-generation and/or minority students as they embark on their higher education journey.