A Day in the Life of Marinette Student Sierra Pugh

School. Work. Volleyball. Repeat.

That’s the life of UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus freshman Sierra Pugh. A dedicated student-athlete, Sierra decided to move from Washburn, Wisconsin to start her college journey and continue her athletic career. The Marinette Campus gave her an opportunity to do both! Hard work is nothing new to Pugh – and both her major and sport require it.

Sierra wakes up at 8 a.m. to begin her day of classes. She wants to be a Nurse Practitioner, so the curriculum of her two or three classes a day can be quite challenging! The faculty makes all the difference to Sierra. “My favorite part of the Marinette campus is the smaller class sizes,” Pugh said, “I’m able to get the help I need from professors when I need it.”

That kindness – the Phoenix sense of care and support – carries over into her activities outside of the classroom. Pugh works at the main desk of the Marinette campus, serving as the first impression for any students or guests that may wander in. “Sierra is simply amazing,” says Pam Olson, Sierra’s supervisor, “She learns from her mistakes, she has a great sense of humor, is kind to all and treasures her friends and family.”

And then there’s her off-campus volunteering. Volleyball has always been a passion for Sierra, so she’s helping to pass that love onto area high schoolers by coaching for the North Woods Volleyball Club. That guidance and passion don’t go unnoticed, “She has learned so many life lessons from the sport and knows how to work with others in a team environment. She’s a great example for others,” Pam said.

When she’s not coaching, working, in class or studying, Sierra actually plays volleyball for the Marinette Buccaneers. The same care, grit, and tenacity that she shows in everything else that she does, easily translates to the court. Sierra is the team’s libero, the defensive leader that works from the back row. She has to take command and coordinate with her teammates in order for the defense to be successful – and that’s exactly what she did this past season. Sierra notched a Second Team All-Conference award after her team capped off a near-perfect season with the WCC Tournament Championship title. This was the Buccaneers’ first volleyball WCC title since 2002.

While she does plan on continuing onto the Green Bay campus to finish her degree, Sierra has plenty of fond memories of her first year at Marinette. “My favorite memory of Marinette so far was the first day of classes,” Sierra said,” I met so many new people. Now I get to spend my free time with all of my friends – working out, studying in my room, or watching our favorite TV shows.”

The UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus has given Sierra a place to continue the activities that she loves, while expanding her horizons and working towards her future. With the support and care that Marinette has to offer, we can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!

Sierra Pugh is a freshman at UW-Green Bay’s Marinette campus. A native of Washburn, Wisconsin, Sierra found her college starting point less than five hours from home. Pugh hopes to be a Nurse Practitioner after her time at UW-Green Bay.