Basketball Begins

This saturday kicked off our first basketball games, and pep band performances of the year! Both the men and women’s teams won, making for some fun weekend entertainment.  Saturday was also halloween, and members dressed up in costumes ranging from a Banana to a ladybug (that was me!). Here is the link to a video of our Phoenix Fight Song. Enjoy!

Go Phoenix!

Must See Attractions in Green Bay

Hey Everyone!
If you guys are ever looking for something to do in Green Bay, here are some fun ideas to try…

1) Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary
For all of you animal lovers, Bay Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect place to visit! With a variety of different animals, they’re sure to have something for everyone. The wildlife sanctuary is open all year round, and it’s FREE! Continue reading Must See Attractions in Green Bay

Life’s A Beach!

When I was in YOUR spot last year discussing colleges with my peers, one girl I talked to had one unique requirement- wherever she went, she wanted to be able walk to the beach. Looking at fun, warm places like California and Florida, she of course didn’t want to go THAT far from home. Little did she (or I, at the time) know that UW-Green Bay would have been a place of interest. Continue reading Life’s A Beach!

Spring Time and Snowflakes

Spring break already happened, I put my flip-flops by the door, I’ve attended more than one day of classes without a jacket, and I finally took down my snowflake window clings to be replaced with beautiful flowers.

But, apparently, Wisconsin is a little confused about this “spring” thing. Continue reading Spring Time and Snowflakes

In Times of Crisis

When I was younger I heard somewhere that in times of crisis, you find out where your real support system is. The week before spring break, I had a love/hate relationship with finding that out.

The Monday before break happened I was sitting through a lab and as the professor was giving his final notes, everyone began to clean up their tables and grab their bags. My first reaction is always to take out my phone and ID and move them to my pockets for easier access. I had four frantic missed calls from various family members and knew something was wrong. Continue reading In Times of Crisis

Family Weekend!

Saturday February 21st and Sunday the 22nd brought parents to UWGB for the annual Family Weekend.
Family Weekend is truly a great chance for parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters to come down and spend some quality, fun time with their college student. Especially if they live far away from Green Bay and don’t get much of a chance to visit. Continue reading Family Weekend!


Are college professors mean? Are they harder on you than in high school? Some of you many assume that as the years go on, they just get tougher. But the truth is, the professors don’t get tougher, it’s the material that does. It’s just natural that the classes are going to get tougher. We are growing as students and college is meant to challenge us and prepare us for the future. Not that the material is too difficult, because it is very manageable if you attend class and put a reasonable effort towards your work.  The professors want you to succeed more than anyone. They may seem tough, but it is just them challenging you. Continue reading Professors!

Meet The Professor

One of the reasons I love attending UWGB was solidified yesterday in the first day of classes. Although I sat through classes that I can see the potential of being extremely challenging for me, I found that the professors impressed and inspired me.

One in particular, a professor for my new science class, spent ten minutes before a relatively large lecture class, shaking hands of students, asking where everyone was from, and asking a question about it that showed he was actually paying attention to your answer. Continue reading Meet The Professor