Making History

Meet Scott Barrell: a former student whose research led to a bow and arrow showdown in the campus quad. Scott isn’t your average college student; he’s a bright and hardworking individual who wanted to be challenged, so he tackled ground-breaking research and found someone on campus to help him do it. That ‘someone’ was Greg Aldrete, a highly regarded and well-decorated History and Humanistic Studies professor here at UW-Green Bay.

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#EachForEqual: Celebrating International Women’s Day at UW-Green Bay

Although it’s a relatively new holiday, International Women’s Day is a transformational celebration of all the achievements and strengths that women everywhere bring to their societies. The day also serves as a soapbox for the equality movement, whether in pay or in opportunity. Celebrities such as Megan Rapinoe or Emma Watson have used their large platform to fight the inequalities that women face, but not all of the work can be done from a high level. Someone has to be the boots on the ground. 

UW-Green Bay is proud to hold numerous women among our most distinguished contributors to the campus community – from students and alumna, all the way up to the current chancellor. To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, we’d like to shine a spotlight on three Phoenix that are doing their part to create equality of the sexes and empower the next generation of female leaders.  

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Coming to UW-Green Bay – by Ciera L’Huillier

If you were to ask me when I was 14 years old or even when I was 17 years old if I was going to go to college, I would have never hesitated my “Yes!” as an answer. But boy did that change at 18. A month before I left for college I actually regretted making the decision to go. All of my sisters commuted to college, so for me to be the first one to move out was a crazy concept for us to wrap our heads around. My house was always loud and boisterous but most of that was because I was living in it. Yes, I sang every day at the top of my lungs and yes I was the loudest storyteller, so it was difficult to imagine any form of quiet in our house after I left. It was crazy how a decision I felt so certain about could become such a gray area in a matter of a few months. And really all I needed was this summer to have that effect.

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From the Director’s Desk – Bachelor’s Degrees at All Four Campuses

Over the last two years, UW-Green Bay has grown not only in enrollment but also as a regional foot-print in Wisconsin. As a regional comprehensive university, we’re committed to the mission of serving the communities in which we reside. Since the announcement of our reimagined four-location university, leadership at UW-Green Bay has had the opportunity to partner with the Marinette, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan communities to assess the industry needs that can be met by additional options and offerings from UW-Green Bay. Continue reading From the Director’s Desk – Bachelor’s Degrees at All Four Campuses