Alumni Q&A: Amber Myszka

In 2010, Amber (Kaufman) Myszka stepped onto the UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus as a freshman to kick off her college career. A Marinette local, Myszka knew the value of her community and made the easy choice to stay in her hometown. We sat down to ask Amber all about her experience at the Marinette Campus, and what she’d do differently if she had the chance.

Question: What was your favorite class on the Marinette campus?

Answer: I don’t know that I had a single favorite class, but I really enjoyed the writing courses I took. Dan Kallgren’s history courses (and bowties) were always fun as well!

Q: What’s your favorite memory of campus?

A: The cotton candy trees and Kallgren’s bow ties, hands down.

Q: Who on campus impacted you the most during your time at Marinette?

A: It’s probably tied between Professors Al Learst and Crystal Hendrick. They’re both so approachable and genuine. Each of them is extremely knowledgeable in their fields and they didn’t just teach the material. They always showed why it actually mattered, which then facilitated deeper and more meaningful discussions.

Q: What was your favorite campus activity?

A: I helped establish a student chapter of the United Way for the campus. Through the chapter, we were able to make two trips to New Orleans to help the St. Bernard Project rebuild homes after Hurricane Katrina. It was really rewarding for me.

Q: What’s one thing you would tell students who are considering studying at the Marinette Campus?

A: Get involved, both on campus and in the community. I appreciated that I was able to take classes close to home and save a boatload on tuition and rent (thanks, Mom and Dad), but I wish I had been more engaged with the groups and programs that Marinette had to offer. Creating personal and professional networks is a big part of the college experience, so don’t forget to actually do it!

Fast forward to current day, Amber lives in Marinette with her husband, two-year-old son, and rescue pup. She’s a weightlifter and Disney song lyric extraordinaire, but she’s also the Bay Cities Radio News Director. Every day, Amber is hosting radio shows like ‘Our Town’, coordinating contests, and delivering the news to the Marinette and Menominee area. The UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus has a multitude of opportunities waiting for students to take advantage, just like Amber did! The only question left to ask is, what will you do with your time as a Phoenix?