A Rising Phoenix: Aleya B.

Aleya B.Aleya is a Green Bay Preble High School junior who is participating in the Rising Phoenix program—a collaboration between school districts and UW-Green Bay, providing students with a future-proofing blend of dual enrollment, ongoing student success coaching and an opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree while still in high school. We asked for her thoughts on the program thus far, and what she thinks is in her future.

Q: Why did you choose to join the Rising Phoenix program?

A: I chose to join the Rising Phoenix program because it would look good on my resumé. Another reason I chose to join was that I am saving money for my college years.

Q: What has your experience been like? How does a typical day go when you have college and high school classes?

A: My experience in the Rising Phoenix program has been very educational and helpful. A typical day for me is going to periods 1-4 at my high school and then do college courses the rest of the day at my house.

Q: What has been your favorite part of the program?

A: My favorite part of the program was my nutrition class, it was the class that was the most interesting to me. My second favorite part of the program is the lifespan class.

Q: How does the program help you – now and in the future?

A: This program helps me realize that I am smart enough to be able to take college courses at the high school level. The program helps me lean more towards careers I am thinking of achieving. This program will help me save money, get my degrees accomplished sooner, and allow me to get closer to my education goals.

Q: How was your tour with UW-Green Bay?

A: My tour with UW-Green Bay was very good and educational. I love the campus and the community of the college. All the students and professors I met were very nice and welcoming. The campus is beautiful and there are a lot of activities you can join and places to work on the campus. The dorms are very comfortable and are big enough. You have a choice if you want to live on campus or not, and you get your own bathroom in the dorms.

Q: What stands out to you that makes you consider continuing to UW-Green Bay after the Rising Phoenix program?

A: What stands out to me about UW-Green Bay is the great community, and respect you get from your peers. The professors are very helpful and very nice. It also has great activities that you can participate in.

To learn more about the Rising Phoenix program and its participating high schools, please visit uwgb.edu/rising-phoenix, email risingphoenix@uwgb.edu, or call 920-465-2222.

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