A little bit of everything

This weekend was a lot of fun! Friday afternoon I took a road trip down to Madison with 9 of my friends for the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Awards. The WBA Awards give acknowledgement to University excellence in television and radio. Since I am the Station Manager for Phlash TV, UWGB’s very own student-run television station, I was very excited to see if we won any awards. And Awards we won! Phlash TV took home five awards, including 2nd place in one of the most prestigious categories, Newscast. UWGB’s radio station, WGBX, also attended the awards and received three awards for various categories. The event also has many student seminars that we got the chance to attend and learn from. It was a lot of good information pertaining to television and radio for our career and future as broadcasters. We got to stay in the Madison Marriot Hotel free of charge and we ate dinner at a restaurant called Cheeseburger Paradise. And yes, they did play the Cheeseburger in Paradise song by Jimmy Buffet while we were eating!

It was a great weekend, but sadly it went by so quick and now it’s Monday, the worst day of the week. This week is even extra rough because it’s Midterm Week! It’s a very important week for grades and I will probably find myself studying every night for hours. I don’t think my exams will be extremely hard, but that’s if I study up and prepare myself. If I went into an exam blind, I don’t think I would do so hot and I’d be kicking myself afterwards. And next week if Spring Break! I don’t want to be down in Florida thinking about how I wish I had studied more. I want to be down in Florida knowing that I aced my exams and the rest of the semester will be easy sailing. That brings me to my next little bit of everything, my spring break plans.

Spring Break starts this Saturday for UWGB, but Friday for me since I don’t have classes that day. Gotta love those three-day weekends! I plan to go on a road trip down to Florida with my roommates, Aaron and Dan, on route to sunny Florida. It will be nice to have a change from this cold snowy climate down to some sunshine and heat. We will be leaving this Saturday morning and driving down to Nashville where we plan to stay overnight. I have never stayed in Nashville, so I m looking forwards to all the sights and sounds. We then are leaving super early on Sunday morning to go straight to Orlando Florida to see an Orlando Magic basketball game. I have never been to one before so this should be a great treat. We have days planned with golf, Disney World, and Daytona Beach which is really making me wish it was the weekend right now. But in all honesty the time will go fast enough, so I have to enjoy I as it comes and have something in the near future to look forward to!

Wish me luck on my Midterm exams, I hope I don’t need them too much, but it can’t hurt. I m going to go study now, but if you have any questions about this blog or anything about UWGB please let me know! ☺

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