My Daily Schedule: Much Different Than High School

In High School, you likely have class from about 8 in the morning till around 3 in the afternoon. You get minimum breaks between classes and you have to stay in the same building all day long. When I first came to UWGB, I had no clue how things were going to be. I didn’t know how often I would have class or how long my days were going to be, but quickly I found that it was much different than High School.

A typical class schedule can vary from student to student depending on how many credits they are taking and what their major is. For example, I am a communications major and don’t need to take labs like my roommate who is a science major. Most of my courses are lectures, which are classes similar to High School but are sometimes much bigger in size. You may have a lecture with 30 students in your class and you might have a lecture with 100 students in your class. It all depends on the course. To be a full time student at UWGB you will take between 12 and 18 credits each semester, which usually translates into 4 to 6 classes.

For myself, I’m taking 5 courses for a total of 15 credits. I have 4 classes and an internship at Phlash TV, the campus television station and student organization, which are all worth 3 credits apiece. I might spend 10 to 15 hours a week on work associated with my internship, but the hours are very flexible…basically when ever I have free time. As for regular classes, you might be wondering if you have to go Monday through Friday just like in High School? The answer is no! Some classes meet 3 times a week, some classes meet 2 times a week, and some classes even meet just once a week.

Here is what my schedule looks like for this semester!

To break it down for my schedule, I have 2 classes that meet 2 times a week. One meets on Mondays and Wednesdays and the other on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These classes are 1 hour and 20 minutes in length. I also have 2 of those classes that only meet once a week, these are usually called night classes and communication majors take a lot of them. I have 1 on Monday nights and 1 on Wednesday nights and they last from 6 to 9 PM. Though most night classes usually get out by 8 PM. One nice part about class schedules in College is that you won’t have a class that meets 2 days in a row, which means extra time to do homework and study for exams. As you can see by my schedule that I have no classes before 2 PM on any days and I am done for the week after 3:20 PM on Thursdays. You can see how that is very different from a typical week in High School.

Of course though, there are other things that have to do other than class. Most College students have jobs, internships, organizations, clubs, athletics, etc. that also take up time too. But that is the nice thing about College; the class schedules usually gives you time to do other things during the day.

I love College and my schedule way more than I ever did in High School…believe me it’s a lot of fun. If you have any more questions about classes, schedules, or anything else…please leave a comment. I am happy to help!

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