In the past when the campus was considering using WordPress as it’s CMS several UW Green Bay Theme templates were created.  We are encouraging site owners to discontinue their use of these templates as we are migrating all University sites into Kentico.

WordPress sites are now reserved for custom sites and blogs.  We allow our staff to select their own custom WordPress Themes for their site.  If you find a theme our on that you would like to use please submit the form below and we’ll install it for you.

We also allow people to create custom WordPress themes and child themes.  If you are interested in creating a custom theme we can provide you with access to our development a folder on our development server so you can build and test your new theme.  To learn more about developing your own WordPress theme please go to:

All department news feed blogs will be migrated into Kentico when their site is migrated.  The remaining blog will be archived and eventually deleted.

*Please Note our version of WordPress is not compatible with all published WordPress themes.  To ensure system stability all theme must pass basic theme checks.*

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