Using the Flickr Photostream Plugin

Embedding a Flickr set from the linked account

To show a particular photo set from the Flickr account linked to your WordPress blog, you need to use the flickr_set shortcode in the body of your post where you want the gallery to appear, and specify the Photo Set ID with the attribute id. (See “How to find the Photo Set ID” below)


[flickr_set id="72157632121280659"]


Embedding a Flickr set from another account

To show a particular photo set from another user’s Flickr account, begin as directed and define the User ID with the attribute user_id.


[flickr_set id="72157632242471984" user_id="44511828@N03"]


How to find the Photo Set ID

  1. Go to
  2. Mouse over You | select Sets.
  3. Click the set you want to embed.
  4. Look in the URL for the multi-digit number after the word ‘/sets/


A photo set located in the URL:
Has a Photo Set ID: 72157632121280659


How to find the User ID

If unspecified in the shortcode, the User ID defaults to that of Flickr account defined in the plugin default settings.

  1. Copy the photostream URL from the account who’s photo set you’d like to share.
  2. Go to
  3. Paste the URL into the field and click “find”
  4. Select and copy the resulting ID




UWGB User ID Reference Table

Account ID
UW-Green Bay News 90586385@N06
UWGB Alumni 106282613@N02
UWGB Marketing 99014225@N02
UWGB Admissions 28040238@N04
UWGB Student Life 44626607@N06
UWGB Residence Life 52318806@N02
UWGB International Education 52473720@N04
UWGB Cofrin Library 44511828@N03
Sheepshead Review (Group) 1194211@N24
UWGB Outreach 87888974@N03
UWGB Lawton Gallery 48773481@N08

Shortcode Quick Reference Table

Content Shortcode Example
Photo Set [flickr_set id=”72157632121280659″]
Another User’s Photo set [flickr_set id=”72157632242471984″ user_id=”44511828@N03″]
Photostream [flickr_photostream]
Gallery [flickr_gallery user_id=”67681714@N03″ gallery_id=”72157636382842016″]
Group pools [flickr_group id=”1194211@N24″]
Tags [flickr_tags user_id=”28040238@N04″ tags=”winter, fall, spring, summer”]


UWGB Flickr Accounts

Advancement Flickr Accounts:

Other UW-Green Bay Flickr Accounts:

See also:

Thanks to Kimberly Vlies for writing this great tutorial.

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