How to create new WordPress posts from Word 2013

When you open up Word go to File > New Then select the “Blog post”.

Then click “Create”

Once the template downloads (first time only) you will be prompted to create a new account.

In the “Choose a blog provide” box select WordPress

Then you will be prompted to fill in your account details.

Blog Post URL:

Your username is your campus username and password.

If you manage multiple blogs you will be requested to select which one you want to connect to:

You can add as many blog to Word as you would like but you need to go through this process for each blog.

Notable Features


Publish: Will publish your document out to your blog with a single click.

Insert Category: Will load your category list and allow you to select from the list of existing categories.

Open Existing allows you to open and edit your existing posts.

Manage Accounts: Allows you to add additional accounts to Word.

Things to remember


The styling in your document may not always carry over to the site. THIS IS FOR GOOD REASON. Many times content creators utilize bad practices when creating content in Word documents like tons or red text or multiple fonts and various text sizes. I’m sure that this is done with good intention however, it is not web friendly. To call out text please utilize the “Styles” section to apply formatting to your text.

These styles translate to text that will use the pre-defined formatting determined by the WordPress Theme style sheet. Trying to override these styles is highly discouraged.


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