How do I change the order of my posts?

There might come a time when you deiced that you need to do a lot of updating on your site all at once.  When you are creating new posts it’s important to remember that the order you publish new posts in is important.  Remember “posts” are your news feeds or blogs and this mean they will display with the most recently published ones at the top.  We frequently consume WordPress RSS feeds throughout campus on various sites and these feed will display your posts in the order they are publish as well.

In order to change the order on your posts I would recommend simply changing the publish date.  WordPress automatically fills this field in when you hit publish however you can edit it.


By clicking Edit next to Publish immediately you can specify an earlier date which will place the post before more recently published posts.  It’s also important to mention that you can schedule posts to auto-publish in the future using this same method.

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