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Below you will find a list of the courses I currently teach.  I wanted to go beyond what you would find in the course catalog, so here I have given some background about why I teach this particular course, and what my main goals and strategies are for teaching it.  You should get some idea of what to expect if you take the class, and if you are already in the class, maybe these and my (soon-to-come) statement of teaching philosophy, along with occasional posts on teaching, will provide some insight into why we do the kinds of readings and assignments we do in certain courses. 

Hum Dev 210 – Intro to Human Development

In this course, we talk about the history of this field of study and the methods developmentalists use, and then we begin to trace the development of humans from conception through infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and death.   This is called a chronological approach.  The semester is broken down into major learning units corresponding to the life phases I just mentioned, after an initial foundational unit.  In each unit, we learn about all the different kinds of development that are occurring, such as physical and motor development, cognitive, emotional, social, sexual and moral or spiritual development. The details of evaluation change each semester, but usually there are three exams and a large number of in-class and small homework assignments.  At least one of those assignments will require students to do some research in the library, as finding, reading, and understanding scholarly materials is an important part of being an educated person.Why: Teaching introductory courses is a wonderful way to stay in tune with what freshman are thinking and it is a chance to attract people to the major or minor.  It is also a good way to stay up to date on the field as a whole.  As researchers, we are forced by the nature of our research to become more and more expert on a smaller and smaller piece of the overall picture.  Introductory courses are an opportunity to step back and remind oneself how it all fits together.

Hum Dev 332 – Middle Childhood and Adolescence

Hum Dev 342 – Cross-Cultural Human Development   


This is a course in which we explore how human development is shaped by culture.  We examine culture in all its complexity, and learn how powerful it is in fashioning everything from how one thinks about being a parent to the shape of one’s body and how one experiences puberty.   With the understanding that human development is interdisciplinary, this course takes an explicitly anthropological perspective and uses ethnographic cases as primary texts.  We delve deep into a variety of cultures – Western and non-Western – to better understand how each one attempts to guide its members toward success in its own context, on its own terms. 

Hum Dev 345 – Human Sexuality


Anthro 320 – Myth, Ritual, Symbol and Religion