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Any Present, Past or Future TAs . . .

   Posted by: Jill White

might be interested in coming this Friday to a workshop I’m leading on course design. Past and present TAs know how obsessed I am about backward design, and those who will work with me in the future might as well learn now!

“Throw Out the Bathwater but Save the Baby: How good course design leads to better understanding of fewer topics”  is the title, and we will meet in the 1965 Room of the University Union from 2:15-3:45 pm.  That’s Dec. 2.


Presentations Galore

   Posted by: Jill White

It has been a busy week!

Last Thursday I had the Derogatory Terms workshop (see below), which went pretty well.  It was a good start, although it would have been nice to have more people there, and one always thinks of things one wishes one would have said after the fact.

I went straight from there to the airport to go present a paper at the Society for Applied Anthropology meetings in Memphis, TN.  The conference was pretty good, but my hotel was terrible.  I’d post pictures but I don’t want you to think less of me for knowing I actually slept there! 

The session I chaired turned out to be really wonderful even though three papers were withdrawn at the last minute due to the high costs of travel.  We had one paper about teaching the Anthropology of Education (at the 300-level) in a maximum-security prison.  The inmate-students did an ethnography of their own educational system and then wrote a proposal to improve it, which was actually approved!  Applied anthropology indeed.  The second paper was about a pilot study which investigated adult and adolescent educational programs for those who had dropped out of the school system in Nogales, Mexico. 

And then there was my paper, Taking Over the Neighborhood: How “racial” tensions affect educational choices among Mexican immigrant youth in the south, which was about what it sounds like it was about.

Tonight I am giving my last presentation until June.  It is called Mexican Teens, Identity and Education, and will provide an overview of my dissertation research.  If you happen to view this blog in the next hour, you can catch the presentation in Rose Hall 250 at 6 pm. 


Campus R.A.W. Presentation coming up

   Posted by: Jill White

Come to my workshop on ethnic slurs:

Thursday, March 27 – 2-3:30 Christie Theatre

“Derogatory Terms: Past, Present, and Future”

The point of derogatory terms has always been to make it easier to hurt other people. Have times changed? What is a derogatory term for your race/religion/background? Does it offend you or do you see it as just a word? How has pop culture influenced the way America views derogatory terms and issues? Hear what scholars and your peers have to say about it.

In fact, if you’d like to help me get ready for it, you can contribute by commenting here about the particular ethnic slurs you have heard as a resident of Wisconsin.