About Me

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White,-JillI am an assistant professor in the Human Development department at UWGB.  I am also on the faculty in the anthropology and global studies departments.  This site is primarily meant as a resource for my students.  You can find out more about me and my interests (personal and professional), opportunities to join me in teaching and research assistantships, and learn about other things I am involved in on campus and off.

As a human developmentalist, it seemed appropriate to provide some information about my own personal development.  And as an anthropologist, I will post about the various cultures I am interested in, have done research with, or have come into contact with.  You will find (eventually) links to my favorite organizations, favorite books, and the places in the world to which I think we should all be paying attention.

I welcome face-to-face visits, too!  I can be found in Mary Ann Cofrin Hall C323.