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Here are some great things to do this week.  Unfortunately, the talk on Native American Identity was cancelled, and I am too slow to post about the talk on Hmong Lao in Thailand.  However, there are still some interesting and – more importantly – valuable things you can do to learn and help the community. 

Social Work students have been working to organize events in honor of Anne Kok and to bring awareness to homeless issues.  Since we have been talking about shantytowns, these seem particularly relevant for students in my Cross-Cultural class. 

UW-Green Bay Habitat for Humanity holding Shanty Town fundraiserA “Shanty Town” fundraiser sponsored by the UW-Green Bay Habitat for Humanity chapter will dramatize the plight of the homeless. The Shanty Town event is set for Friday evening, April 25, through Saturday morning, April 26, at Bay Evangelical Covenant Church, 2280 Nicolet Drive. For details, or info on how to take part, visit

Panel Discussion on Homelessness

“The public is invited to a panel discussion on homelessness in Green Bay to take place at The Salvation Army, 626 Union Ct., at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 6.  Panelists include a longtime community advocate/activist, a school social worker from Green Bay Area Public Schools, and a client of the social service community.  The panel will be moderated by Kathy McMurray, president of the Brown County Homeless and Housing Coalition.  Marc Seidl at has more info.”

Word goes out on ‘Jam for Justice’ to benefit Freedom HouseStudents attending UW-Green Bay, in cooperation with the Ecumenical Center, are planning a Jam for Justice concert to benefit the Freedom House family homeless shelter located near campus. The event will be held Friday, May 2 and begin with a free simple supper at 5 p.m. and speakers from Freedom House. Organizers say the evening will continue with live music performed by UW-Green Bay students and faculty and performers including Finding Faith Band, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Good News, Joey Cox, Dave Sponholz, Zack Davoodi, Mike Casey and more. For info or contribute, call Jan Scoville, director of the Ecumenical Center, at 465-5133 or email


Admission to the Jam for Justice is an item you no longer want that could be used by homeless families getting a “hand up” from Freedom House. A list of items Freedom House needs can be found at


Another Great Psychology Speaker

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The Psychology & Human Development Club welcomes


Dr. Tracy Luchetta

A psychologist at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute, one of the state’s two inpatient psychiatric facilities. 

She will be presenting:

Forensic Psychology is Not Criminal Profiling: An Introduction 

This presentation will include a definition of the specialty and a broad overview of the range of professional activities in which forensic psychologists are commonly engaged.  It will correct some of the prevalent misconceptions about the specialty and provide examples illustrating the application of psychological science to issues relating to the law and the legal system. It will also offer some direction regarding education and training in preparation for forensic psychology practice.

Thursday April 24, 2008  6:00pm

The 1965 Room (next to Common Grounds Coffee House) 

Have specific questions for Dr. Luchetta?  Email Robyn Gabel (President) at so we can have the questions prepared and ready to answer.  If possible, RSVP to Robyn by April 22.  Thank you!


Dr. Eric Landrum to Speak

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Don’t miss this VISITING SPEAKER from Boise State, Idaho.  He is a Professor of Psychology and noted researcher on careers and undergraduate success in psychology.  Even if you do not plan to pursue a career in psychology, or if you aren’t sure yet you want to go to graduate school, these are great opportunities to learn more about how the world of academia works.  You are sure to pick up more tips that will help you succeed for the rest of your time here at UWGB, too. 

April16th 6pm Rose Hall 250: The Psychology Major: Career Options and Strategies for Success

April 17th 11am 1965 Room University Union: Writing in Psychology: Learning to Tell the Scientific Story


Presentations Galore

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It has been a busy week!

Last Thursday I had the Derogatory Terms workshop (see below), which went pretty well.  It was a good start, although it would have been nice to have more people there, and one always thinks of things one wishes one would have said after the fact.

I went straight from there to the airport to go present a paper at the Society for Applied Anthropology meetings in Memphis, TN.  The conference was pretty good, but my hotel was terrible.  I’d post pictures but I don’t want you to think less of me for knowing I actually slept there! 

The session I chaired turned out to be really wonderful even though three papers were withdrawn at the last minute due to the high costs of travel.  We had one paper about teaching the Anthropology of Education (at the 300-level) in a maximum-security prison.  The inmate-students did an ethnography of their own educational system and then wrote a proposal to improve it, which was actually approved!  Applied anthropology indeed.  The second paper was about a pilot study which investigated adult and adolescent educational programs for those who had dropped out of the school system in Nogales, Mexico. 

And then there was my paper, Taking Over the Neighborhood: How “racial” tensions affect educational choices among Mexican immigrant youth in the south, which was about what it sounds like it was about.

Tonight I am giving my last presentation until June.  It is called Mexican Teens, Identity and Education, and will provide an overview of my dissertation research.  If you happen to view this blog in the next hour, you can catch the presentation in Rose Hall 250 at 6 pm.