CommonSpot Project Plan

For those interested, here are our latest target dates for the CMS:

CMS Selection 4Q’09
CMS Procurement 2Q’10
Internal Training May – June 2010
Hardware/Software Procurement May – June 2010
Hardware/Software Installation June 2010 – September 2011
Configuration/Customization – LDAP Integration, Users/Groups/Roles setup October 2011
Template Creation – Base, Base + 1, Navigation, Global elements November 2011
Rollout/Migration of Academic Programs January 2012 – June 2012
Rollout/Migration of other sites To follow academics; July 2012 – Dec 2013
QA/QC Ongoing
User Training Ongoing – begin with online documentation and small-group training with single departments; expand to scheduled training events.

Social Media Page

Web Services is in the process of creating a brand new page on especially for Social Media. What would you like to see included? Our brainstorming so far:

  • Official social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc.) listed “directory style” for our departments, student orgs, centers, ancillary services, etc.
  • Current popular hashtags being used by these accounts (maintained by our Social Media Specialist)
  • Feedback form allowing visitors to suggest official accounts we are missing in the directory.
  • Entries may be removed due to [unacceptable] inactivity
  • Promote the [public] UW-Green Bay social media Facebook group
  • Include our Social Media Guidelines since they’re not online anywhere yet
  • Maybe include some resources for getting started?

Things to think about:

  • Adding social media callout(s) to our main/template footer
  • Should we link to this new page from our homepage?

Hmmm… anything else?

CommonSpot Environment Complete

After much back-end work and preparation, both the test and production environments of CommonSpot v6.2 are ready as of yesterday.

ColdFusion and CommonSpot are both installed on WEBA, with CommonSpot making use of a dedicated MS SQL server for its database. Each environment consists of an Authoring Server, Database Server, and Web Server.

We’re Moving!

Web Services will be moving to our new office location of IS 1148 on Monday, August 29.

We are relocating from our current location in the Information Services Administration suite on the 7th floor of the Cofrin Library to join the rest of the Information Services Division in the Instructional Services building.

The new location will ease collaboration with other IS departments as well as provide more convenient access for faculty, staff, and students.

WordPress Upgrade In the Works

Web Services is in the process of upgrading WordPress for our campus. Until now, we have been using a very old multi-blog setup that gave us basically what we needed until native WordPress multisite functionality was mature and readily available.

As of WordPress 3.0, blog administrators have the ability to create a network of sites. Web Services will now have improved control over administrative privileges and a centralized control panel to manage all blogs at once.

As part of a housekeeping and security effort, we have pared down the number of plugins and themes available. We have also removed a number of outdated or obsolete blogs, with each blog owner’s approval.

While most endusers will not notice a difference, there will be huge time savings on our end for blog setup and maintenance.

As always, let us know if you have any questions about WordPress, your blog, or how to use it.

Any University Reports to Report?

As always, whenever you see outdated, inaccurate, or missing information on a website, we encourage you to report it to Web Services. You, our subject matter experts around campus, are often able to identify these before we can.

One page that looks a little outdated is our University Reports page. If you know of any reports that should be added or updated here, please feel free to point them out by contacting us at or 920-465-2951.


Now Hiring – Web Developer

The following position has been posted to the UWGB Human Resources Website. Spread the word!

The Web Developer position assists the University Webmaster in the design, building, and maintenance of the University’s website.

  • Plan, develop, and maintain new and existing web applications, data-driven web pages, social media interactions, RSS feeds, web forms that access relational databases, and general website features
  • Build content management system (CMS) templates, elements, and customizations; assist in administration of the University’s CMS, PaperThin’s CommonSpot
  • Apply proven methodologies and best practices to design and develop interactive websites; serve as a technical resource for tools and technologies used
  • Produce functional and well-documented code; troubleshoot, track and fix bugs
  • Perform cross-browser and cross-platform testing
  • Apply user-centered design process to create high-quality visitor experiences
  • Participate in efforts to bring website into compliance with UW-Green Bay website policies and procedures, accessibility standards (e.g., Section 508), and the University Style Guide
  • Provide technical support to departmental web authors, including writing clear and concise documentation
  • Assist in administration of website analytics
  • Assist in preparing HTML email for distribution
  • Mobile web, mobile app, HTML5, and CSS3 development may be added as the University moves in that direction
  • Participate in professional development activities to keep up with technology and trends
  • Assist in supervision of student web developers

CommonSpot Temporarily Stalled

For those interested in the latest CommonSpot implementation status, we don’t have much exciting news to report – yet.

The good news is that we’re working hard to make our first CMS template represent the new academic design, be user-friendly, and easy to maintain by our users. We are finding that doing this right takes time and research (while climbing the learning curve). The time required is even longer as we fit the CMS work in among other important projects in our development queue.

We are currently in the process of installing CommonSpot’s Application Development Framework (ADF) which will allow us to develop custom web applications within the CMS. The ADF will also help with the build of our main navigation in the academic template.

Deciding to move forward with the ADF and completing the actual installation of it has delayed us a bit, but we hope to be moving forward again very soon. Our rollout timeline will depend on how quickly our new template can be ready after the ADF is in place.

We will keep you updated as things progress.

CommonSpot Implementation Begins

The development environment installation of CommonSpot was completed on October 27, 2010. Web Services is currently in the process of establishing the base template along with the academic department template, interior page templates, and style sheets.

This initial implementation will take time as we learn the system and complete all necessary setup tasks. We can then proceed with the live production environment installation. We hope to have our first CommonSpot site, Urban & Regional Studies, go live over winter break.

As we complete this first site, we are preparing a Migration Guide which can be used by future sites to help with the transition to CommonSpot. Training will be given at first on a site-by-site basis as each goes live. After a few successful site launches, we plan to conduct training in a more formal fashion. Stay tuned!

Web Services – Now Hiring Student Employee – FILLED

Update: This position has been filled.

Do you know a UW-Green Bay student who would love to put their web development skills to work right here on campus? Send them to Web Services! We are currently looking to hire a student employee for Fall 2010 and beyond.

Job description:
The Web Service Office designs, develops and maintains the University’s Web presence. This includes the top level pages of the University’s site, academic program sites, and various special projects. Student Web Assistants help to develop and track assigned projects through to completion. Support or assist the University Webmaster with web development and web design duties, as needed. Designing/coding new web pages as needed using HTML, XHTML, CSS, JS, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, ColdFusion, CommonSpot Web CMS, and Adobe Photoshop. Other tasks as assigned. Hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Students typically work 12 to 20 hours per week depending on the student’s course schedule, and up to 40 hours during breaks and summers. Starting wage is $9.50 per hour.

The ideal candidate will possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, a talent for design and layout, good troubleshooting and problem solving skills, and the ability to work independently. Top candidates are not expected to know everything before they come in, but will learn as they gain experience. We train and mentor our students. Because of the training involved in this position, we are especially interested in students who have two or more years of school ahead of them before graduation.

Interested? Complete our application and bring it to Web Services in CL 730 today!