FrontPage Server Extensions Are No More

Although Information Services at UW-Green Bay has not supported FrontPage Server Extensions for years, FPSEs are now officially removed from the WEBA web server.

This was done not only as a clean-up effort, but to prepare for the Web CMS implementation of CommonSpot over the next few months.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to accomplish certain tasks without using FPSEs, please contact Web Services.

Web Server Upgrades and CommonSpot Preparation

Information Services is moving forward with a number of big initiatives this summer. We’d like to bring a few of these to your attention so you can plan accordingly.


All remaining FrontPage server extensions will be removed from WEBA. If anyone on your team still connects remotely using FrontPage extensions to edit a website, the connection process will need to be updated

June 14, 2010 – WEBC UPGRADE

WEBC will be upgraded to Windows Server 2008 R2, 64-bit, IIS V7.5. Please plan for WEBC to be offline the first half of the day. After the upgrade, web developers will want to test their web sites to ensure things continue to function. This is a significant upgrade, and items that should be checked include:

  • Proper file type display in browsers – in particular new and old audio/visual file types (MPEG-4, etc.)
  • Proper permissions on secure folders (/campus/ and individual secure directories)
  • Ability to edit sites remotely via WebDAV
  • Local built web applications based on .NET 1.1 through 3.5
  • Third-party applications

We will also be removing FTP access to the WEBC server in lieu of more secure file transfer methods included in IIS V7.5. More details on this will be sent prior to the upgrade of WEBC.

August 2010 – WEBA UPGRADE

The WEBA upgrade is currently slotted for early August. More details on this will be sent in upcoming weeks.

We are working hard to upgrade all of our web servers and prepare the CommonSpot Web CMS infrastructure before fall semester.