SiteCheck – 2 MONTHS TO GO

Hello SiteCheck Users,

This is just a reminder that our SiteCheck service will discontinue TWO MONTHS FROM TODAY, on July 30, 2012.

Did you know?

  • SiteCheck is set up on our main site AND our blogs – if you haven’t looked at the broken links in your blog, you may want to do that.
  • Working together, we have reduced the number of broken links on our website from 5,266 two years ago to less than 700 today!
  • SiteCheck tells you all the misspellings on your site (and believe me, they’re embarreasing).
  • You can easily see every email address you have listed on your website – do they all still exist?
  • You can easily see every phone number you have listed on your website – are they all still appropriate?

Log in today, while you still can!

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