WEBC Upgrade – July 23, 2010

An update to our previous communication –

July 23, 2010 – WEBC UPGRADE

The WEBC Upgrade is now scheduled for the early morning of Friday, July 23, 2010 and should be complete by 8:00 am. Campus web developers will have until Monday, August 9th to complete their testing (detail below) and report any findings to Dean DeFere. Note: FTP access will not be going away at this time.

If all goes well, we plan to proceed with the WEBA Upgrade in mid August.


After the upgrade, web developers will want to test their websites to ensure things continue to function. This is a significant upgrade, and items that should be checked include:

  • Proper file type display in browsers – in particular new and old audio/visual file types (MPEG-4, etc.)
  • Proper permissions on secure folders (/campus/ and individual secure directories)
  • Ability to edit sites remotely via WebDAV
  • Local built web applications based on .NET 1.1 through 3.5
  • Third-party applications

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