UW System CommonSpot Training Preparation

PaperThin typically holds CommonSpot training sessions in Boston, but with our UW System size and combined interest, PaperThin will be coming to Wisconsin to hold training sessions this spring.

There is a chance UW-Green Bay will host the Fundamentals session, which would save us even more training dollars.

The three tentative training sessions being planned for local scheduling are:

CommonSpot Fundamentals

This three-day in-depth, hands-on technical training provides a comprehensive review of CommonSpot’s powerful features, and offers best practices for developing simple to dynamic websites.

Designed to introduce developers, webmasters, and administrators to the basics of CommonSpot, this training program provides high value. If you are new to CommonSpot, you’re sure to come away with numerous tips and techniques that will save you development time and effort.

You’ll learn how to… Organize a site for conversion to CommonSpot, Create custom base templates for a site, Construct a flexible template hierarchy, Lock down templates for use by page authors, Implement style sheet support in a site, Integrate your own ColdFusion applications, Reuse content within pages of a site, Construct custom page metadata to categorize content, Drive dynamic page links with custom metadata, Create and use custom elements, Create RSS feeds, lists of feeds, and live bookmarks, XML publication, XML rendering, And more!

CommonSpot Advanced Developers

This three-day technical training takes you through best practices for customizing and developing a site in CommonSpot. It combines solid, classroom-based and hands-on learning.

Designed for experienced CommonSpot developers, administrators, and designers, the course explores the inner workings of CommonSpot. It provides an in-depth review of CommonSpot’s main integration points and advanced features like the base template, content creation API, custom script element, datasheet element, render handler, and custom field type, among others.

The course highlights recommended practices and discusses hidden developer techniques and tips that will save you significant development time and effort. You’ll learn how to effectively utilize and deploy CommonSpot’s advanced functionality while extracting the most value from these features.

CommonSpot Application Development Framework

This four-day in-depth technical training includes a one-day of review of Advanced Developers training, and three days of the new CommonSpot v6 Application Development Framework (ADF).

CommonSpot’s powerful application development framework makes it easy to develop new applications, customize existing applications, and move them into production using the system’s out-of-the-box APIs and UI components. Once completed, CommonSpot users can share new applications with others in the CommonSpot community in an open source-like fashion.

The ADF jumpstarts application development initiatives by shaving time off of projects that would otherwise take months to code.

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