Web CMS Requirements Identified

During our CMS review, the following requirements and concerns were considered.


  • Basics: Allow non-technical user to create, delete, edit, and organize pages within their realm of authority
  • Easy content creation and editing for non-technical content contributors
  • Content check-out/check-in to avoid overwrite
  • Content scheduling and expiration
  • Archival and versioning of content, allowing rollback when needed (Does it roll back to previous version or back to a previous date of my choosing?)
  • Support of content output templates (layered templates preferred)
  • How are templates managed?
  • Is XSLT required for templating?
  • Content Accessibility (Section 508) & Standards compliance (validation preferred)
  • Editor handles assets such as images, PDFs, and Word documents, forcing the content provider to add ALT attributes to images.
  • Content reuse
  • Content organization
  • Dead link reporting
  • SEO-friendly
  • Allow easy paste from Word
  • DAM features for photo management
  • Online forms – At a minimum, does it support forms and collect the responses? How does this work? Can it write to Oracle?
  • Does the content editor undermine the consistency of design and branding by allowing too much customization? The editor should allow the content provider to mark up headings, lists, links, and other elements without dictating how they should appear. If this is not standard, be sure the CMS allows the editor to be replaced with a more appropriate solution.


  • Access control and entitlement (permissions) – levels that can vary by directory or page
  • Users assigned privileges based on group and role
  • LDAP Authentication
  • Audit trail
  • Can a user other than Web Services be set as an approver for their area of authority?


  • Workflow to mirror business processes
  • Reports – What is available? (What will we require on a regular basis?)
  • Search – Would we continue to use our Google Mini? If not, does the search index PDFs, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents? How often does it index? Can we limit the scope of a search to a section of the site? How is ranking determined? Can we control how results are returned and customize the design?
  • Blog
  • RSS/Newsfeeds
  • Breadcrumbs – how do they work?


  • In-house hosting
  • Acceptable publishing model
  • Support of development/staging/production environments and synchronization between them
  • Support PHP, .ASP and ASP.NET
  • CSS
  • Support friendly URLs (human-readable, navigational)
  • Make use of Oracle 10g or 11g
  • Multi-site support
  • API to connect to other business systems
  • Available developer/support community
  • Documentation/training for users and developers
  • Development flexibility
  • Allow for growth


  • Multilingual support
  • Calendar system
  • Newsletters
  • Forums
  • Dynamic sitemap
  • Photo gallery
  • Chat?
  • Blogs?


  • What support is available?
  • What is the time-to-implement?

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