CMS Watch Report

Web Services has decided to use the CMS Watch report as part of our research. Today we downloaded the 2010 Web Content Management report and are eager to dive in.

We’re making an important decision for the future of our University website, and are interested in as much relevant detail as possible. The Web CMS Report gives us comprehensive product evaluations that will save us precious time.

All of the CMS products that we currently have our eye on were included in this report. In addition, the report will help us evaluate:

  • What do we really need? /¬†What are our true requirements?
  • How will the CMS work for us?
  • What are the various CMS solutions capable of?
  • How do we begin to objectively compare vendors and products?
  • How do our finalists compare?

As a bonus, the report includes a section on “Advice, Pitfalls, and Best Practices” that can help us anticipate common challenges.

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