Psychology and Human Development Club (PsycHD)

The Psychology and Human Development (PsycHD) Club is a student organization that is open to all students. They put together volunteer activities, social events, informational sessions, and a host of other activities.

To get involved in the PsycHD Club, contact Nic Livingston at

 The PsycHD Club Officers 2018-2019

Unknown-1President: Nicholas Livingston 

Career Plans: To obtain a PhD in Social Psychology at Northwestern University and become a Social Psychology professor at a major university in the US or to obtain a Masters in School Psychology and work in a high school as School Psychologist.

What I like to do for fun: Watch movies, spend time with friends and family, any kind of sports, go to concerts, ride   my motorcycle, and cheer on Packers, Brewers, and Bucks!

Unknown-2Vice President: Elizabeth Altman 

Career Plans: My future plans are to become a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and I want to specialize in eating disorders. I’d like to open an eating disorder clinic near my hometown (either in Eau Claire or Wausau) since there isn’t anything like that right now.

What I like to do for fun: I’m super passionate about advocating for eating disorder recovery and de stigmatizing the illness. For fun I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding. I also love to bake!

UnknownSecretary: Sophie Sielen 

Career Plans: I am thinking of eventually going to graduate school for something related to counseling. Right now I am really exploring different career paths I may be interested in by getting involved with different internships in the Psychology and Human Development related fields. By starting different internships, I have learned I am interested in a lot more than I originally thought I was, which is why I want to keep exploring different options for my future career plans.

What I like to do for fun: For fun I really enjoy being outside. On campus one of my favorite activities is going on walks through the trails with friends and when I am home I love hanging out with my family and my dog, Gemma. I also enjoy playing volleyball, pool, board games, and working on my art, which is usually painting or sketching.

Unknown-3Treasurer: Stephanie Nielson 

Career plans: After graduation, I plan to go to graduate school to pursue my Masters and Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology. I hope to be a licensed school psychologist one day.

What I like to do for fun: I love doing nail art, reading, watching Netflix, and playing board games with my friends.


Image.pngPublic Relations: Julianna Barlow

Career Plans: My future career goal is to find something that works with mental health, specifically with teens (an Adolescent Psychologist).

What I like to do for fun: Some things I do for fun are hanging out with friends and my boyfriend, Hiking, boating and binge watching TV.