UWGBpsych 2014-15 End-of-the-Year Review

It’s been a big year and we wanted to take some time at the end here to recap the awesome things our students and faculty did in 2014-15.

#SmileSquad (and other videos)

Some psychology students, known as the Smile Squad, took to the halls last fall to improve the campus morale as we went into finals week. The outcome gave everyone a lot to smile about.

Of course, that’s not the only video we launched this year.  Two new Youtube shows, Psyched for Careers and Psyched for Graduate School, debuted this year with a total of thirteen episodes.  Six different faculty members and one student guest helped make these great shows informative and fun.

Finally, we brought back last year’s Happy Video with VH1 Inspired Pop-ups to point out all those hidden psychology references.

Undergraduate Research

When you combine honors projects, research assistants, and in-class research, there were literally hundreds of psychology students working on original research this year. That translated into approximately 70 research projects, and around 40 conference presentations at the Academic Excellence Symposium, Midwestern Psychological Association, Posters in the Rotunda, and elsewhere.

Those conference presentations mark research that’s already out in circulation and influencing future work. To build on that, though, at least some of those projects will likely be written up and submitted for publication. Make no mistake about it, the research that students did this year was not just a good experience for them, it is legitimate science that has and will inform future work in the field.

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And finally, we say goodbye to more than 120 students, 51 last December and another 71 next week. Each of them left a mark at UW-Green Bay in their own unique way and we’re proud and honored they chose to spend their time with us and dedicate themselves to the study of psychology. Graduations are always emotional because our pride and joy is mixed with the sadness of having to say goodbye to so many great students. We feel confident, though, that those students will continue to do great things in the community and will always be part of the UWGBpsych department. We, likewise, feel confident that there are more great students to come who will bring new ideas, creativity, and fun.